11 Businesses for Agents to Prospect in 2021

by Bryce Sanders, PropertyCasualty360.com

Are all businesses performing poorly during the pandemic? Not quite.

It’s obvious airlines, hotels and movie theaters are struggling. Local bars and restaurants are having a hard time. But what businesses are likely doing well while being quiet about it?

11 Businesses to Consider

1. Car dealerships. Have you noticed the number of shiny cars with clean tires on the road? Either people are taking good care of their cars, or they are getting new ones. Previously owned cars look as good as new. Car dealerships make money from selling new cars. They sell used cars, too, and perform scheduled maintenance. There’s big money in the latter two.

2. Pharmacies, medical diagnostic labs, and family physicians. All three are doing COVID-19 testing. As the vaccines are made available to millions of Americans, isn’t it logical, the places providing flu shots and COVID-19 testing will be administering millions of vaccine doses?

3. Stores selling exercise equipment. Gyms have been open, closed, and then reopened during different phases of the pandemic. High tech exercise alternatives like Peloton and the Mirror have appeared. Many people have wanted low tech, affordable alternatives. Try buying dumbbells in your local area; they are likely sold out.

4. Producers and sellers of PPE. Masks and gloves were in short supply early in the pandemic. Now they are widely available. There’s been lots of talk about how these essential items should be made in America. Who makes and sells them in your area?

5. Printers. Masks were in short supply. Suddenly they were everywhere. Your local printer can even produce logoed versions advertising your business. There’s an idea that can catch on. Someone needs to produce all those “Masks required to enter” signs and “socially distance” adhesive floor signs.

6. Shipping stores. Shoppers can’t shop in malls when stores are closed. Many people are apprehensive about returning to malls. They might get other people’s germs. Businesses can still fulfill your order, but they need to get the product to you. Shipping seems the logical solution.

7. Online sales. Some businesses have gotten into online shopping better than others. It’s impractical for a company like IKEA, making heavy items. It’s more practical for local businesses whose products can fit into a box. Who comes to mind in your local market?

8. Food preparation services. Many people don’t like to cook. When restaurants are closed, some order takeout, others visit supermarkets and upscale delis offering prepared food in metal trays you reheat at home. Who looks like their parking lot is filled on a Friday evening?

9. Liquor stores. Yes, we were drinking more during the pandemic. Alcohol sales are a regulated business, yet they do great volume, especially now. Many are independently owned.

10. Jewelers. The people who have everything can’t travel overseas until borders reopen, and they can’t go to expensive restaurants because they are closed. One of the next best ways to surprise a spouse is to buy them a new watch or a wonderful piece of jewelry. Many jewelry stores are independently owned.

11. Auction houses. There should be one or two in your area. It’s a good business: You hold no inventory. You earn commissions on the buy-side and the sell-side. Your income rises with inflation. The capability to include online bidding opens the sale up to the world. They are usually independently owned.

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